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Art of Tea  - Purveyor of Fine Loose Leaf Teas
26 Guild Road,  Mallorytown, Ontario, 
OPEN 9am-5pm or by appointment

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New Product Range.............   TINCTURES 
Tinctures are also called herbal extracts or liquid herbal extracts.
Tinctures are concentrated herbal preparations
where the medicinal qualities of an herb are extracted into a liquid form. 
The advantage of taking herbs in a tincture form is that
they are quickly absorbed into your system and are easy to take.
Tinctures come in small bottles that are convenient for carrying with you
wherever you go and since the alcohol has preserved the extract
you don't have to do anything to prepare your dosage except count out the drops

  On the Shelf now at Mallorytown: 

Valerian (sleep)

Licorice root (to help lungs, cough)

St John's Wort (anxiety, depression, nerves, S.A.D.)

Echinacea (immune)

Memory tonic


Ginger (circulation, nausea, digestion, inflammation)

Cinnamon  (helps circulation, stabilize blood sugar)

Dandelion/Burdock Root
(cleanse and activate liver. Helps: sluggish digestion, acne, eczema liver detox)

Call me to make an appointment today.
Linda - 613-213-2129
Open Spring - Fall
Medicinal Herb and Flower Tea Garden.  This young garden is in a beautiful natural rock enclosure and offers natures beauty and peacefulness as you relax with your cup of tea.    Still enjoyable even on a cool day. 
Art of Tea and Natural Therapy is located on a beautiful 2 acre property in the Frontenac Arch Biosphere. We have the distinction of offering relaxation, harmony and education in a friendly, peaceful and naturally charming environment
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