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Oolong Tea
Oolong tea is gently rolled after picking, allowing its essential oils to slowly oxidize. This reaction to the air darkens the leaf and produces distinctive fragrances. Once the leaf has developed properly, the tea maker must stop the oxidation by heating it rapidly in a process called 'panning.' The leaf is then rolled into its final shape. Producing this handcrafted tea properly is extremely labor intensive. The tea maker must carefully balance many elements in the critical first few hours, including weather conditions, leaf quality, and oxidation time. Depending on the processing method, the resulting tea can be anywhere from a green to a black. The finest oolongs are often prepared and enjoyed Gong Fu style (in a small clay pot for multiple infusions) to savor their complex flavor and aromas.
Organic Phoenix Mountain Oolong
Origin: Fugian Province, China
A rare southern China single estate oolong that is mostly whole leaf which results in a gentle and interesting aftertaste that continues to develop over many infusions.
It is a darker oxidized oolong and has distinct smooth, honey notes on a woody base with an elegant sweet, fruity aroma.
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Magnolia Oolong
Origin: Fugian Province, China
An unforgettable oolong tea from China. The leaves are lightly oxidized and gently roasted.
This process leaves the tea nearly green with an intense fragrance of magnolia and a sweet dew flavour.
Multiple infusions
Price: $17.50
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